Plastic Warfare Modern Tutorial

Getting Started

Play Plastic Warfare Modern on our server by searching [iLL] Plastic Warfare in Unturned’s Server browser. You can also find the server by direct connect at the IP and Port 27032.

Plastic Warfare Modern is a custom modded server that we made 100% for our servers. You can download our mods from the Steam workshop or let the server install them every time you join the server.

With the recent update of Plastic Warfare Modern (aka PW4), we changed the game play. That may be confusing for some at first, but it will soon become second nature to everyone who plays. This tutorial will help you get you on your feet and into the battlefield!

Useful commands to know

/Respawn (Clears your inventory and teleports you back to your team’s HQ)

/Exchange Amount M (Converts your Assets into XP. XP then can be used to buy items from NPCs)

ex. /Exchange 1000 M

/Exchange Amount (Converts your XP into Assets)

ex. /Exchange 2500

Joining a Team

Once you join the Server you will be put into a spawn box. Then you will need to choose a team to play on. Once you do you will not be able to switch until the next server restart. The only time you will be switched is when a staff member needs to balance teams. To join a team you use the command “/team Green” or /team Tan. 

/team “Name of team” (Joins the team of your choice)

ex. /team Green


Jobs are a new addition to the server. A job is a role you intend to play. Some roles have the perks of being able to pick up unique items to that role. For example, medics are the only ones allowed to pick up first aid kits and trauma bags. You must be in a job first to get the kits that the job provides.


Commands for jobs

/jobs (Views all available jobs)

/job Medic1T (Puts you in the job Medic1T removes you from your previous job if in one. The T stands for Tan. Swap the T for a G to join the green team job)

/jobleave (Removes you from your current job)

Viewing available jobs and joining the job Medic1T
Leaving your job


Kits are the way to get your loadout. Each kit gives you something new.  For the original players, the way you spawn a kit hasn’t changed. The only difference now is that you must be in a job to obtain a kit. Kits are restricted to certain jobs. For example, the only way you can get a medic kit is by joining the Medic role.


View all kits


Commands for Kits

/kits (View a list of all available kits within your job)

/kit Medic1T (Gives you the first medic kit. T stands for Tan. Swap the T for a G to join the green team kit)

Viewing available kits and getting a kit Medic1T

Reviving Teammates

Reviving Teammates

You can now revive downed players. When a player dies they go into a downed state where players can revive them. This adds a new dynamic to the game. Everyone can revive or drag their teammate, but only medics can heal them quickly.

Medics have the perk of using the Morphine item provided in their kits to revive downed players much faster. To revive a player using morphine, equip the item and look at the player.


To revive a player you must have nothing in your hands. While standing press “C” and use the “Surrender” emote. This will take time, so continue looking at the player.

Deleting Workshop Content

If you have downloaded our previous mod, you have to delete them completely to prevent the updated mod from clashing with items. This guide will teach you how to delete them. This will also work with deleting other mods, not just ours. Sometimes you may have to do this to play on our servers if you have a workshop installed that conflicts with our IDs. You will not need to delete the second Pack, or Cullfield Island. 

Step 1: Unsubscribe From our Old Mod

You will have to unsubscribe from the old mod first before you delete the files. If you do not do this step, Steam will re-download the workshop files.

The first step is to go to your “Steam Profile” page

Then you will scroll down and click on the “Workshop Items” item in the sidebar on the right side the page layout

From there click on “Subscribed Items“, again on the right side of your screen.

Look for the pack called “[iLL] Plastic Warfare: Server Pack1 [UNITY 2018]

Then “unsubscribe” from the pack(s).


* You can search by the game if you have a lot of items downloaded. To do so on the top of your screen look for “Filter by game” and click on the drop-down menu “Select a game“. Then click on Unturned. 


Alternatively, you can go the Workshop item individually and unsubscribe from there.

Unsubscribe from the mod through your Steam Profile page
Step 2: Locate the Files

The simplest way to find the files is to find them through Steam.

Go to your “Steam Library

Right Click on “Unturned

Click “Properties

Click on the “Local Files” tab

Choose the “Browse Local Files” Button

Locate the file location of Unturned through Steam

That opens up your File Explorer. From there we will go find the location of Steam’s Workshop directory. 

Click on “steamapps” in the folder directory

Go into the folder called “workshop

Then go into the folder called “content

Go into Unturned’s workshop folder, the id is “304930

If you were subscribed to both our old mods, [iLL] Plastic Warfare: Server Pack1 [UNITY 2018]. You can go ahead and delete the folder.

Pack 1’s id is “1630180602

Deleting the Pack 1 Content Mod Pack Folder with the ID "1630180602"

Once you have unsubscribed and deleted the folder, you’re all set. If you haven’t already downloaded the new mods, you can do so now and won’t conflict ids with our mods.