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Supporter Pack 2

For Server:

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Was $50.00

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Package Content

  • 300,000 Assets (Will NOT be carried over to WW2 Server)
  • Discord Supporter Role that allows you to view upcoming content and post feedback.
  • Unlocks the command "/maxskills", command does have a cool down. Includes Vault
  • NOTE: WW2 Mod is on hold until the Plugin is finished and may be canceled if the Dev Fails at making the plugin what we need to make it work.

Kits Included

Plastic Warfare Modern
  • Breach4G & Breach4T (Assets: 2000) (Primary: AA-12) (Vehicle: None)
  • C130G & C130T (Assets: 6000) (Primary: N/A) (Vehicle: C130 Transport)
  • AC130G & AC130T (Assets: 16000) (Primary: N/A) (Vehicle: AC130 Attack)
  • Spirit1G & Spirit1T (Assets: 28000) (Primary: MP7) (Vehicle: B-2 Spirit Bomber)
  • Littlebird3G & Littlebird3T (Assets: 18000) (Primary: N/A) (Vehicle: Minigun & Minigun)
  • SpecS3G & SpecS3T (Assets: 600) (Primary: Vector Tan) (Vehicle: None)
WW2 Kits
  • Ranger Kits (US Soldier)
  • Schutzstaffel Kits (German SS Soldiers)
What this pack helps us with:
  • Pay the upkeep for running the servers
  • Provides motivation for the developers to create new content
  • Funds development of new WW2 Map
  • Funds development of new WW2 weapons
  • Funds development of new WW2 vehicles
  • Funds development of other WW2 assets
Also includes this pack: